From Ruthven to Passchendaele
Studio Babette Puppet Theatre
based in Dundas, Ontario, Canada
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Where Are You Cinderella?
Young Sophia: the Dundurn Castle Diary Pulcinella, il Cameriere Carlos & His 5 Reasons Little Fairy Tales for Little People Little Fairy Tales for Little People

in honour of the Hamilton Military Museum's 40th Anniversary
From Ruthven to Passchendaele
Saturday, November 5
at 1pm & 3 pm

Dundurn National Historic Site, in the Castle, the Coach House
Hosted by the Hamilton Military Museum

610 York Boulevard,
Hamilton, ON

Sunday, November 6
at 3 pm

Ruthven Park National Historic Site
243 Haldimand Hwy. #54,
Cayuga, Ontario

Monday-Friday, November 7-11
Shows for students at Ruthven

 Goldilocks & the 3 Bears

see calendar for more details
We had so much fun at the Dundas Museum Made in Dundas Festival making puppets with the kids!
Check out our fanmail page for some great pics of paper bag puppets, made with heart!
Read our blog about our WWI Commemorative Fall Tour 2015 of
From Ruthven to Passchendaele on the Arts Hamilton Website.
Listen to our hour long interview with Bernadette Ryan on
Art Waves on Mohawk Radio THE HAWK from Feb. 2, 2014
Studio Babette has amassed a rather large collection of puppets over the years. Many of them were made by us for shows; others are puppets, some historic, which were picked up in our travels. This collection is available for display. Here is a sample of them, with more added all the time.
  • Babette
  • pinocchio
  • Hurvinek_Spejbl
  • girl
  • Country_Witch
  • White_Haired_Witch.jpg
  • maiden
  • Dancing_Girl
  • Balinese_Dancing_Man
  • Balinese_Woman
  • Mexican_Marionettes
  • Hansel_Gretal
  • clown
  • FemaleWarrior
  • Peter_Grandfather
  • Indian_Maiden
  • Old_Woman_HandPuppet
  • Gray_Haired_Witch
  • girl_boy_HandPuppets
  • Girl_Cat_HandPuppets
  • Cat_Punch
  • Hansel_Gretal_HandPuppets
  • Cop_Devil_King_HandPuppets
  • Italian_HandPuppets
  • Miniature_Family
  • Ogre1
  • Ogre2
  • Cerestes
  • BillyGreen
  • YoungWalter_YoungPeggy
  • Joseph_YoungDrew
  • Mike_Drew
  • Lydia_NursePeggy
  • Ruth_Colonel_Walter
  • Violet_Peggy
  • Ruthven_Sick_Drew